Secure a portion of the revenue generated by Neutroswap

A significant portion of the protocol's earnings is allocated to users who allocate $xNEUTRO to the Dividends plugin. The distribution of dividends occurs continuously, with rewards being distributed per second, and organized into weekly epochs. These dividends can be provided in the form of one or more tokens, ensuring a consistent and ongoing sharing of earnings with participating users.


The distribution follows a weekly epoch system, where a predetermined portion of the accumulated tokens specified by the owner is earmarked for distribution. This process is repeated every 7 days, ensuring a regular and consistent distribution cycle.

Dividends Distribution

During the epoch duration, the distribution of tokens is evenly spread across the entire period. It is allocated to each user with an $xNEUTRO allocation in the Dividends plugin based on a second-by-second basis. The distribution is proportionate to the user's share of the total allocation, ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of tokens.

To simplify, let's use the following example:

  • Total $xNEUTRO allocated to the dividends plugin: 10,000 $xNEUTRO

  • Daily distribution: 10,000 USDT

If a user has allocated 200 $xNEUTRO to the plugin, they own 2% of the total allocations. As a result, they will receive 2% of the daily rewards, which amounts to 200 USDT.

Users can collect their dividends without having to wait for the end of the epoch, as the distribution occurs continuously.


Users have the flexibility to deallocate $xNEUTRO from the plugin at any time, without any conditions, while incurring a 0.5% deallocation fee.

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