🏦NEUTRO Vaults

Lock $NEUTRO for extra rewards (Coming soon)

What is Vaults?

Vaults is a set of automated strategies to maximize the yield of the deposited assets. In Neutro vault, you can lock up your $NEUTRO and reap remarkable benefits based on your chosen lock-up period.

On the platform, you will see the annual percentage yield (APY), which takes the frequent compounding into consideration compared to annual percentage rate (APR) which does not. You will also see daily interest percentages and the total amount invested in a vault by all users (TVL).

Lock up period:

  • No lock

  • 7 days

  • 30 days

  • 90 days

The longer the period lock, the higher the reward 🚀

Every time funds are added to the vault, lock time period resets.

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