Prioritized on Neutroswap Launchpad

By utilizing the $xNEUTRO Launchpad plugin, users can leverage the perks provided by projects launching on the Neutroswap Launchpad. These advantages encompass opportunities like whitelist spots, discounts, airdrops, and various bonuses. Prior to each sale on the launchpad plugin app, users will receive comprehensive information about the specific benefits and offerings that await them.

  • Allocating $xNEUTRO to the Launchpad plugin is necessary to access benefits; simply holding $xNEUTRO won't provide any advantages. These benefits remain in effect until you deallocate your $xNEUTRO.

  • When you allocate $xNEUTRO to the Launchpad plugin, a 30-day cooldown timer is initiated. However, this timer resets every time you allocate additional $xNEUTRO. During this cooldown period, deallocation is not permitted.

  • The extent of your benefit share is determined by the amount of $xNEUTRO you allocate. Allocating more $xNEUTRO results in a larger portion of the benefits.

  • If the total $xNEUTRO allocated to the plugin increases, each user's share will decrease proportionally. This adjustment occurs in both directions.

  • Snapshots capturing the $xNEUTRO allocations for each benefit are taken on specific dates specified within the launchpad plugin app.

  • Every launch on the Launchpad provides a unique benefit exclusively for $xNEUTRO allocators.

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