Yield Multiplier

Multiply your yield

The Yield Multiplier plugin allows users to allocate their $xNEUTRO to a staked position (spNFT), enabling them to earn additional yield. The yield boost multiplier, typically set to the default x2 value, varies based on the wrapped LP associated with the staking position.

This multiplier is calculated considering several factors, including:

  • LP amount of the position

  • The total staked LP amount across all positions and users

  • the allocated $xNEUTRO amount of the position

  • the total allocated $xNEUTRO across positions with the same LP

  • the maximum boost multiplier for the LP (capped at x2.5)

The formula used is simple and straightforward:

boostMultiplier=(userLPāˆ—totalAllocationāˆ—maxBoostMultiplier)totalLPāˆ—userAllocation)\boxed{boostMultiplier = \frac {(user LP * totalAllocation * maxBoostMultiplier)} {totalLP * userAllocation)}}


Users have the flexibility to deallocate $xNEUTRO from the plugin at any time, without any conditions, while incurring a 0.5% deallocation fee.

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