Convert - Redeem

Converting between $NEUTRO <> $xNEUTRO

$NEUTRO and $xNEUTRO can be converted into each other, but the conversion process varies depending on the direction of the conversion.

Converting $NEUTRO -> $xNEUTRO

$NEUTRO can be converted into $xNEUTRO at any time, with an instant and equal 1:1 ratio.

Redeeming $xNEUTRO -> $NEUTRO

The redemption process for converting $xNEUTRO to $NEUTRO involves vesting, allowing users to select their desired duration. As the vesting period increases, the conversion ratio will proportionally enhance.

  • Selecting a minimum vesting duration of 15 days will result in a conversion ratio of 1:0.5

  • Opting for the maximum vesting duration of 6 months grants a 1:1 conversion ratio

If the selected vesting duration is lower than the maximum (ratio < 1:1), the unclaimed excess $NEUTRO is burned.

Dividends Allocation

During the redemption process, 50% of the redeemed $xNEUTRO is automatically allocated to the dividends plugin.

For example, when a user redeems 1000 $xNEUTRO, they will receive dividends equivalent to allocating 500 $xNEUTRO to the Dividends plugin.

Cancel Redeem

Users have the freedom to cancel the redeeming process of $xNEUTRO at any time at their discretion.

If a redeeming process is canceled before its completion, the entire process will be voided. The user will receive back the complete amount of xNEUTRO intended for redemption, and no NEUTRO will be obtained.

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