How to utilize xNEUTRO

$xNEUTRO offers unique value as an illiquid and non-transferable token. While it cannot be freely traded, its true potential is unlocked through plugin allocations. Moreover, exciting possibilities lie ahead as $xNEUTRO is expected to gain usage on approved (whitelisted) contracts, expanding its utility even further.


Users have the freedom to allocate their available $xNEUTRO to any plugin of their choice, unlocking a wealth of benefits. Once allocated, $xNEUTRO is securely deposited on the token contract, dedicated solely to the chosen plugin. It's important to note that allocated $xNEUTRO cannot be utilized for any other purpose. However, should the need arise, users can easily deallocate their allocated $xNEUTRO, swiftly withdrawing the amount back into their own wallet.

When deallocating $xNEUTRO, a nominal fee of 0.5% will be deducted as a fee.


By default, $xNEUTRO is designed to be non-transferable, except for transactions involving whitelisted addresses. This intentional restriction ensures that crucial interactions such as allocations and redemption with the token contract can still be seamlessly utilized. Additionally, this approach allows for the exploration of further possibilities through specialized implementations with partner integrations, opening doors to a broader range of usages.

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